todayBrooklyn, NY+15 milesItems Wanted
Does anyone have a bike to give? Looking for one that is useable- doesn't matter the aesthetic. Would work for someone who's 5'5"-5'6" Thank you!
days agoUnion, NJ+8 milesItems Wanted
Looking to see if anyone is getting rid of a balance bike.
days agoHackensack, NJ+12 milesItems Wanted
Getting to old to get on and off my bike easily, but I'd like to keep riding. Does anybody have a woman's bike that they don't want anymore? Thank you
days agoManhattan, NY+13 milesItems Wanted
Hi all My 8 yo son outgrew his beloved bike. If anyone is looking to get rid of a bike for a boy appx 8-12 yo, please let us know. we would be happy to pick it up. thanks, Dee
days agoManhattan, NY+13 milesItems Wanted
I would love a pair of bike pedal toe clips, where one can wear sneakers and the clip holds the front of the shoe/foot
days agoBrooklyn, NY+15 milesItems Wanted
Hello freecycle community, I am looking for a bike to ride to and from nursing school - I'm starting in the fall but would be happily accept a bike sooner. Thanks!
Hi i was wondering if anybody have any out grown bikes they don't need anymore for my 8 and 6 years old boys. I dont have a lot of money to buy then brand new bikes but i really would like to give them one. Can anyone spare us their old bikes PLEASE? THANK YOU IN ADVANCE.
last weekManhattan, NY+13 milesItems Wanted
UWS Resident, having had 28 bikes stolen I don't want to buy another bike ever in NYC. In Need of a more than 6 speeds working bicycle.Let me know how to arrange it and thank you to anyone out there. Thank you FREECYCLE!!
days agoTeaneck, NJ+14 milesItems Wanted
Getting too old to get on and off my bike, but I'd like to keep riding. Does anybody have a low stepover woman's bike they aren't using? thanks
days agoEssex Fells, NJ+10 milesItems Wanted
Looking for a bicycle: I'm fairly short, so shorter tires would be great. A basket or basket attachment option as well as enough gears for transportation through hilly areas would be really good, too. Just want to bike again.
days agoUnion, NJ+8 milesItems Wanted
Hi, if anyone has a kid seat to put on the back of an adult bike, and they no longer need it, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.
Hi.... i would like to ask if anybody have training wheels? I could use 2 pair of training wheels for my two boys bikes. Thank you in advance.